Installation of a Breathalyzer

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Here (below) is an install of an Alco Buddy Breathalyzer at Dean’s Tavern in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I apologize, as it cuts off early (i guesss we didn’t have enough memory left), but you get to see us place the machine, level it, and then get the first screw in.  I hope it helps.  Some pointers for installation: 

1) Use a checklist before you get there.  There is nothing worse then gettting to a bar and not having a required tool.

2) Recruit a buddy.  This helps immensly with the placement.

3) Get a good location:  See the “forum” page and the ebook.

4) Level the machine.

5) Find a stud.  Expecially in the collage bars.

6) Calibrate it after.

7) Give away some free trials. Put some dollars in and let the customers use the machine.  This gets the word out and also puts a face to the machine.


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  1. Hilda Paolello   |  Monday, 28 June 2010 at 8:29 pm

    You definitely nailed that one on the head!

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